Cashew Milk


I was so surprised when I read about how UHT milk was dangerous to health in Beslenme Bulteni. Ever since that day the advice from dear Pr Dr Ahmet Aydin :”Prefer raw milk and consume it as kefir and yogurt.” became my motto. But this is not possible for those with casein intolerance.

I have already given hazelnut, coconut and almond milk recipes for those with intolerances. Cashew milk on the other hand is very special to me. It has a much dense and creamy texture than others and is very delicious. It is possible to use it i every kind of drink, dessert, ice cream, pudding and even soups. As it is also low in carbs, I feel free to give it to Bade without extra shots of insulin. I on the other hand, like it in my coffee.

Cashew Milk

Prep Time: 5 min

Serves: 1 lt

 Ingredients :
200 gr raw cashews
1,5 lt warm drinking water
1 tblspn honey or date syrup to sweeten (optional)

1- Wash cashews well, place in a deep bowl and add warm water enough to cover it. Wait for at least 4 hours. Strain.

2- Add warm water, and pulse for a few minutes with your hand blender until smooth.

4- Strain at least twice with a cheesecloth covered strainer.

5- Keep in the fridge. Can be consumed hot or cold.

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