Chocolate Banana Truffles


Kids love chocolate. It is as simple as that. Do you not know parents who give chocolate to their children to silence them, to keep them busy or even to feed them ? I think so too. Now let’s see some of what’s inside a store chocolate:
*Probably gmo crn syrup or glucose syrup that we have all met because Food Industry needed to make more profits and ended up inventing an even more poisonous and cheaper sugar.
*Hazelnut(ish thingy)
*Poor Milk’s Processed Powder
*Vegetable Oil (probably gmo corn oil or the killer of Sumatra elephants and orangoutans, cheap Palm oil)
*Probably gmo soy lecithin
Do you still not read ingredients list on the package? Or do you still think you’ll be fine ? Think about this too: Our people, I am underlining this, especially Turkish people are crashing because of diseases just like fruit trees. Cancer, alzheimer, type 1 and 2 diabetes are climbing fast. Are we still blaming our genetics ? Let’s think again.
So how about when our children ask for chocolate, what should we do then ? This, of course…

Ingredients: (Makes 13 truffles)
For the filling
1 medium banana
1 tblspn butter or double cream (room temp)
3-4 tblspns cacao
2/4 cup of shredded coconuts
1/4 cup of powdered hazelnuts (pulsed them myself)
1 tspn real honey (optional)
For the outside
Smash banana with a fork, add the other ingredients and blend very well with a spoon. If the texture is too soft and sticky you might wanna add some more coconuts. Make small balls with your hands and roll inside the cacao. Keep in the fridge. Enjoy.

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