Cocobars (Sugar and Flour Free)

While snowflakes fly around, coconut flakes fly around my eyes.
Nothing from the real world can depress me today, while we have such a warm comfort in our home and the everything looks so beautiful.
It feels like we have fallen right in the middle of a fairytale and there are kind wolves who are able to speak, horses with iced wings wrapped up in the wind outside and a mother mole cooking an apple pie for her small ones inside her underground nest.
I only want to think of nice things today. And I make these cocobars for my daughter who’s watching the adventures of two rabbit siblings called Max and Ruby during her cartoon hour.

– 100 gr shredded coconuts
– 1 tblspn homemade butter
– 1 tblspn homemade kefir
– 2 tblspns carob molasses/honey
– 1 tblspn cacao
Put all into a food processor and blend until completely mixed, press firmly into a square shaped mold ad refrigerate for at least 3 hours. Slice and serve. Add more molasses/honey if you prefer a sweeter taste. But you might have to add more coconuts in that case. Bon appetit! This recipe makes 4 large cocobars.


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