Elderly Candymen

Ever since Bade was diagnosed with diabetes i have come to realize a danger(!) i hadn’t noticed before. A danger in the streets : Elderly people handing out candies and chocolate to kids.
Moreover these people insist on not understanding my warning “please don’t, she’s diabetic.” The term diabetic seems too modern i guess so i have to clarify that it means that she’s sick. While they apologize of course your kid asks the evitable question with great surprise : “Mom, am i sick?”. A bit dramatic, isn’t it ?

Since my daughter was diagnosed in October 2014, we at least came upon 5 cases of elderly candymen. I don’t know if my daughter is spreading a scent that can only be caught by elderly men with candies in their pocket but she keeps getting offered candies and chocolate all the time!

In old times i would probably say : “Oh what a nice men, so fond of children” .But now i am hissing like an angry cat :  “please be careful.” Dear old people with candies in your pockets, you are putting me in a very difficult position. How about you go play cards instead ?


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