Homemade Hazelnut Tahini Chocolate

What a day it was! I can safely say I spent my whole day in the kitchen. I am so tired! But writing it takes it away. When it’s this cold and snowy, I simply cannot resist not baking delicious stuff. If you ask what have I been baking, I can say whatever comes to my mind at that moment. I will be sharing the results of my experimental day on the blog.
The first one ever to try and share my recipes, Ms Elif Akin has a special place for me, so when she mentioned chocolates, wheels began turning within my head. Well, Valentine’s Day is also approaching you know…I think the best gift is to make homemade chocolate to your loved ones instead of buying them that junk. Children will love it too!

– 2 tblspns butter or coconut butter
– 4 tblspns tahini
– 3 tblspns cacao (raw is fine)
– 2 tblspns chopped raw hazelnut kernels
– 2 or 3 tblspns pine honey/carob molasses
Melt the butter, add tahini, honey/molasses, cocoa and mix well. Add chopped hazelnuts and pour the mixture inside an ice cube tray (I suggest silicone ones as otherwise its hard to get them out) and freeze for 2 hours. If you cannot consume them all keep the rest in the fridge as they tend to melt quickly. You can try not nadding the hazelnuts and freezing and consuming it as a chocolate spread.


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