Moist Pear Cake

I do not know what prompted me to start a blog. I think it was the first flourless cake I’ve baked. The fact that I needed someone to share my amazement at the taste of that one single cake. Perhaps it was because I wanted to share with other diabetes moms that there was an another way…Perhaps it was the crazy mood that I was in ?

Being a mom and a wife were the best but hardest things that ever happened to me. I, who managed to succeed at everything I want without effort, felt myself challenged, for the first time in my life. I never felt like a good mom or a good wife. I was always jealous of clean houses and tidy kitchens. I was used to work during the day and enjoy myself the rest of the night; the responsibility of a job, a house and a baby at the same time simply shook me.

When the work stress started to really disturb me and turned me into a very pissed off person I immediately quit. Then diabetes came. The weight of responsibility increased and turned into an avalanche. Just as it started to crush me, the desire to try and create new recipes flickered inside me. Then came the idea of starting a blog. I had never felt this alive for a very long time.

Cooking something, working on my computer and writing were my passions for as long as I lived. I combined them all and Bade’s Sugar was born. I feel light and happy for the first time in my life – even though there are a lot of sadness, fatigue and worry in our life…

This blog is my second baby, my shelter, my secret garden that I keep running to empty my head.
Wishing you all a secret garden of your own…

2 medium sized pears
100 gr shredded coconut (about 1,5 cup)
4 dried figs or apricots (more if you like)
3 tblspns heaping homemade cream cheese
1/2 tspn cinnamon
1-Grate the pears. Dice figs/apricots or soak them in warm water and puree them.
2-Add coconut, cream cheese and cinnamon and knead the batter for one minute.
3-Cover a 18×18 cm tart mold with a parchment paper. Press the mixture on the mold and bake until golden brown in a pre-heated 150C oven. Cool. Enjoy.

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