Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate

“Yesterday, out of nowhere, I thought about quitting Istanbul. Such a cliché, isnt it? I bet most of you thought about the same very thing some time during your lives. But, this time I thought about it very seriously. I said “How about moving into a house with a garden in Ege or Akdeniz, preferably with its own yard inside?”. Not because I wish to escape from people or the turmoil of the city life..because I love my city and my home.
But because how happy it would make me simply tempted me. How wonderful it would be to raise Bade in such a place…

Then I realized this idea was at the back of my mind since our vacation, last year…I’ve already made up my mind back then.

Yes, my decision is final. One day, when circumstances are much better, sooner or later, I will make my dream come true.”

Yes, this chocolate makes you feel exactly like above. I recommend it, try at once!

Ingredients: (For 12 chocolates)
For the chocolate
3 tblspns grape molasses
4 tblspns butter (melted)
4 tblspns cocoa
For the filling
6 tspns peanut butter
Mix together butter and molasses in a saucepan and in very low heat. Add cocoa and remove from heat. Mix all very well. Split the half of the sauce in chocolate molds. Add 1/2 tspn peanut butter on top of each. Cover the rest with the remaining sauce. Keep in the freezer for 2 hours, serve.
p.s. : I used silicone ice cube molds.


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