Peanut Coconut Nougat Bars


Good morning from a rainy Monday morning! This morning, I remembered how I used to hate Monday mornings before, I mean when I was still working. I feel a deep respect for women who work and love it. I admire how they can balance family and work. I couldn’t. I went mad, couldn’t resist, and made myself sick. But I was never fit for private sector anyway. I have always been a sensitive person, If you are unhappy at work, this reflects itself on your family. You become aggressive and wearing. Especially if you have a small child crying herself out so that you don’t go to work. Now, that crying little baby is starting to grow up. She stopped using diapers, and even though small accidents occur, my dear Bade is proud of herself. Even her potty “Bobo Bear” is on the unwanted list. Well, such good behaviour should be rewareded, right? And the name of the reward is Peanut Coconut Nougat Bar. I am warning you: it is too delicious. Bade actually clapped me after her first bite:) Here’s the recipe…
– 1 cup of unsalted peanuts
– 100 gr shredded coconuts
– 1 tspn butter
– 4 Iran dates (those who prefer a sweeter taste can increase the amount)
– 1 tblspn dried raisins
– 1 pinch of lemon zest
– 1 large not very ripe banana
Put all ingredents in a food processor, blend well. Spread it on a mold of preference, press well and keep it in the fridge overnight. Slice it the way you like. I have used a square mold. This recipe makes 6 square slices. You can also serve this by making little balls from the mixture and roll them on shredded coconuts. Don’t forget to keep them in the fridge and consume immediately. Cause my nougat bars do not contain additives:)

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