Sundried Apricot Iced Tea

 I have had chewing and swallowing problems for as long as I remember. I cannot eat a thing without a glass of water accompanying. The food gets stuck in my throat. I think it’s genetic because my dad has the same problem too. We talked about it the other day, “Do they give something to drink along with the food prizes in Survivor?” he said, “I could not eat them if it were me, the food would get stuck in my throat.”I laughed and replied, “You can drink sea water. It’s better than choking.” My dad was also crazy about cold drinks like cola or soda once, just like me. Now that summer is coming, the danger of going back to old habits is also approaching. I hope this drink is an alternative to those who love cold drinks. It is for me. With my many thanks to Ms Arife Akgul, who came up with the idea of this delicious recipe…
1,5 lt boiled water
1 lemon (grated)
3 tblspn black tea leaves
100 gr sundried apricots (10 pieces)
Fresh mint leaves
Grate your lemon in a deep, wide container, add tea leaves and boiled water, cover it. Wait for 15 minutes. Wash your sundried apricots and keep in hot water till they soften up, puree in your food processor.  Strain your lemon tea, add apricots inside and blend until smooth with a hand blender. Strain. Taste your drink and add honey if necessary. Cool in the fridge, serve with fresh mint leaves and ice. Enjoy. If you want the tea taste to be more strong you can increase the amount of tea and decrease the amount of apricots.

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