CheeseMaking 2 : Tulum Cheese


Tulum cheese is a very traditional cheese and grindstones of our cheese culture. Basically it’s a cheese who is ripened inside the skin of the animal whose milk is used to make cheese. Tulum means the skin of the animal. Traditionally its made of goat milk, but since it smells and tastes so strong, I prefer cow milk instead. Tulum cheese is perhaps my favourite cheese of all time. Tulum cheese’s taste and structure differs according to the region in which it is made and I love each and every kind of them.

Yesterday, I managed to do such a nice tulum cheese my husband and I decided to have a breakfast dinner. Of course the cheese is already over. The recipe is again very easy. You have to follow the steps I mentioned on my previous post and make an awesome cheese first, But then do not soak it in water.

Instead shred it to pieces in a food processor (or simply grate it). Add 1/2 tspn rock salt(or less/more according to your taste but we love it really salty) and knead it nicely. Then press it firmly on a small container, and keep for at least 2-3 hours. You will not believe the taste!

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