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Black Mulberry Chia Jam


I am staying at my Mom’s for a few weeks now and it’s been delightful to take food photographs in her kitchen filled with morning sunshine. It has become a habit of mine to take photos with actual sun instead of artificial light.

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Breakfast Seed Crackers


I always get such nice messages from my followers, for example the other day Mrs Suheda sent me a lovely message and in addition to her message there was a video attached.
The nice lady in the video had all kinds of talents.

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Cinnamon Muffin Buns


Yesterday at the playground Bade met with a girl 3 or 4 years older than her, and with a fancy ball. Then she approached her and asked if she could play with her. The girl gave a killing look and said a big no.


Waffle Sandwich

This waffle recipe is a bit different than the one I gave before.

You have to use the almond meal in this one. But I find this sandwich waffle especially practical, and this is Bade’s all-time favourite.

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Kefir Cheese

The oldest finding on cheesemaking from kefir grains is the oldest cheese ever found in China, in the tombs of mummies of 3600 years old. Nowadays cheesemaking from rennet is much more common. Kefir cheese is mostly unknown.