Cheesemaking for Beginners


Ask yourself, since when you haven’t seen the thick cream on fresh delicious boiling milk? When I was a child, I used to hate milk because of that thick cream and refuse to drink it. Thanks to UHT technology(!) the store milk doesn’t even have a cream on top, and it doesn’t even froth properly while boiling. Yesterday evening my husband brought some milk and it was still warm because it was so fresh! With some, I made kefir. And some yoghurt. And today I made the cheese I’ve learnt from dear Mrs Naime Colak Isık’s instructive and amazing facebook group. It’s very practical and delicious. I know making homemade cheese sounds difficult but it’s not! I make very small amounts because I like my cheese very fresh. This way I keep making anew as we run out. If you are having a hard time finding raw pastured milk and want to make bigger amounts, you may increase the amount of the ingredients.
What you will need:
– 1 kg raw cow milk
– 1 tblspn homemade apple vinegar
– 1/2 cup homemade cow yoghurt
– 1 tspn rock salt
Boil milk very well, when it does add salt, vinegar and yoghurt. Stir for a few minutes. The milk will immediately separate into curds and whey and a greenish liquid will form inside the pot. You should then remove the pot from the heat and let it cool down a minute or two. Now you can strain the mixture through a clean cheesecloth, firmly bind it and put something very heavy on top so that all the water is strained. Wait for a few hours and your cheese is ready. Slice it, put on a jar filled with rock salt added drinking water and keep in the fridge.

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