Chocolate Banana Cups

Today, my little daughter woke up with a bad mood. She said she didn’t want any insulin shots, that they hurt, she was scared and she refused her long-acting insulin.


First I thought it was one of those temper tantrums caused by low or high blood sugar and checked again – her blood sugar was normal. She was just fed up. Such a normal, humane reaction. We all have to do a lot of things we don’t like just to make someone happy or simply because we have to.

But she had to do what she had to do to be able to survive and wasn’t even aware of it. She was just fed up with those shots she could not understand very well. Of course I tried to explain. That she should have her shots in order to not be ill, and they even didn’t hurt that much. That she wouldn’t be able to make things that make her happy if she became ill.

I guess I was really bad at hiding my sadness because her mood changed instantly. Her mom was sad, and according to children’s book, no matter how old they are, this must change. A happy mom meant a happy child.

“I’m not scared of needles” she said suddenly. “I’m a big girl! Giiii-ganticc! And it doesn’t even hurt at all.” It was one of those moments your heart is ripped off your chest and falls on the ground. To see such a small human being filled wth such sensitivity and courage changes you. She keeps changing me everyday.

Our house is alive with my daughter’s cheerful chattering once more. My daughter and I are having one more day of our own.

I have used my chocolate sauce for this dessert’s base and topping.  But feel free to use a high quality chocolate if you want. I suggest diabetics to consume these with care as the carb rate is not as low as I wanted them to be. But of course it’s much better than any junk food from your local store. I also have to warn you they tend to melt quite fast…but they taste amazing! Amazing. They turned out something between ice-cream and cheesecake and gooey, chocolate-y  bomb. I’m sure especially the kids will love these.
Ingredients:(for 5 chocolate cups)
Chocolate sauce (click here for the recipe)/or melted bitter chocolate
For the filling
2 medium bananas
4 tblspns cream cheese
2 tblspns strained yogurt
2 drops of vanilla extract
4 tblpsns chocolate chips(optional)

1-Prepare the chocolate sauce, split 3/4 of it inside your muffin molds.

2-Set aside the rest for later use. Keep the molds in the freezer for half an hour.

3-Place the filling ingredients in your food processor (except the chocolate chips), pulse all until a creamy texture forms, add the chocolate chips and stir in with a spoon.

4-Split the cream on top of the frozen chocolate sauce in the molds. Add the remaining chocolate sauce on top and freezer for more 4 hours. 5-Remove the mold carefully and serve immediately. Enjoy.

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