Clotted Cream Ice Cream


Today Summer made its presence very clear.

So the time for ice-cream has also come.  Though in my world, ice cream has no specific timing or season.

Anyway, yesterday evening my husband brought raw goat milk. I boiled and cooled it and placed in the fridge. So, in the morning I had a nice, thick, clotted milk cream. I used the milk to make some kefir and yogurt at once. My yogurt is ready but of course you need to wait a little more than that for kefir.

I think those are the best ways to use the closest milk to human milk and a nutritious one like goat milk. I thought about making some ice cream with the remaining clotted cream.

And I’m glad it did. It was so delicious I could barely resist myself while taking the pictures.

I get often asked why I do not use Stevia in my recipes. Because Stevia seems to be the most “healthy” sweetener. It does not contain sugar, nor affects blood sugar. It’s totally natural. Because it’s a plant. Yeah, yeah.

But what is not very well known is that Stevia leaves were being used for contraceptive purposes by Native Brazilians. Both by males and females. The steviol glycosides found in Stevia leaves have their own hormonal structure. Which means there are concerns that even the leaves may create a mutagen effect and trigger cancer. There is no clear evidence or study to prove otherwise. I think those reasons are enough for me!
The other one I get asked is Splenda. Which is sucralose. It is admitted as “safe” and unfortunately it is recommended by many diabetes instructors. Those who may wish to to learn about its harms can visit In this website there is the research of Duke University on the terrible harmful effects of Splenda. This is why I never use Splenda, Stevia or any other sweetener, because they spoil and decrease the amount of good bacteria in your gut flora. And gut flora is everything for those with autoimmune diseases like Type 1 Diabetes. When I asked Pr. Dr. Ahmet Aydin what can I do to prolong the honeymoon period of my daughter, he had told me to give her a lot of probiotics. You know I am for the use of minimum doses of insulin, but when my daughter will consume sweet treats I use real honey and molasses and naturally dried fruits instead of using sweeteners -as their harmful effects are much more serious.

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2 medium bananas(frozen for at least 3 hours)
3 tbpsns homemade clotted cream(goat or cow)
1-2 drops vanilla extract (optional)
Pulse all in a food processor, enjoy immediately!

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