Easy Lemon Cheesecake Cups

Now let’s assume you are baking a cheesecake. You will have to prepare a full fat base with the biscuits you will buy from the store. Then you will mix refined sugar and lots of other ingredients and bake in the oven for a long time. Then there is the at least 5-6 hours waiting part. Exhausting, and very, very delicious. But let’s look at it from this point of view: that cheesecake you’ve been trying so hard to bake is no good for you. This kind of diet makes you gain weight in long term, those additives and refined sugar inside will ruin your health gradually. You may say you do not eat cheesecake everyday. Of course not, but I am talking about the nutritional behaviour behind it. And also why would you want to poison your family if you are able to catch the same taste with natural ingredients ? An easy and natural version of lemon cheesecake made with real food for cheesecake lovers…


For the base and topping
A handful of almonds
A handful of hazelnuts
1 tspn melted butter
1/2 tspn cinnamon
For the cream
1 banana
1 cup soft full fat unsalted cow cheese
1 pinch lemon zest
1 tspn lemon juice
1 tblspn honey (optional)
Pulse almonds, hazelnuts, butter and cinnamon into crumbles in a food processor. Split the half evenly to your cups. Puree cream ingredients in your food processor. Split evenly to your cups. Decorate your cups with the remaining crumbles. Cool in the fridge and serve. This recipe makes 3 cups.

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