Easy Tiramisu in a Cup



If you ask my favourite dessert I would say tiramisu : that moment when coffee, cocoa and cheesy cream meet in your mouth is simply divine. Choosing to stay away from flour and refined sugar does no longer mean I have to stay away from tiramisu. Wondering why ? Thanks to this easy and quick dessert. On top of it, its all raw – so you do not have to wait for baking. When sudden company arrives, this practical and healthy recipe can save you…This recipe is egg, flour and refined sugar free. You can replace almonds with sunflower or pumpkin seeds if you are sensitive or allergic to nuts. Those with dairy allergy can replace milk and cheese with coconut milk and cashew cheese.
For the base
1 cup of raw almond kernels (soaked and peeled)
1 tspn butter (coconut is fine)
For the coffee cream
6 Iran dates
1 tspn coffee
1/2 cup warm coconut milk(or any other milk)
For the white cream
1 banana
1 cup soft unsalted cheese (mascarpone is recommended but others are fine as well)
1 tblpsn honey (optional – I haven’t used)
1 tblspn milk cream (optional – or whipped coconut milk cream)
The topping
1 tspn cocoa
Fresh fruit

Pulse almonds and butter until they look like crumbles. Puree milk, dates and coffee in a food processor. Puree banana, cheese and cream. You can add honey for a sweeter taste, you can add coconut milk if its too thick). Place crumbles at the base of the cup, add coffee cream on top and white cream on top of it all. Sprinkle cocoa and decorate with fresh fruit. This recipe makes 3 cups. Enjoy.

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