Faux Potato Salad

You have so many reasons to stay away from potatoes. For example, nearly all the fries of the fast food chains are GMO. Its glycemic index and load are both very high, which means it raises blood sugar very fast.

If you have diabetes, giving an extra shot of insulin and enjoying your potatoes might seem an easy option, but as insulin lowers the blood sugar potatoes raise to a normal level, your blood sugar most definitely goes out of normal range during it. Just like light is faster than sound, potatoes are simply faster than insulin.

But I also know it’s hard to stay away from them. They are so inside our culture that we always see them around mashed, as a dish, in a salad, as dough filling, inside soup, as fries, baked in the oven versions. Unfortunately, they are also yummy.

But if you have decided to stay away from potatoes you have also great options. This salad, for example. Filling, satisfying, delicious and easy. Actually I felt really guilty after eating this one because it felt as if it were really a potato salad. It was unnecessary, I know.

4-5 tblspns homemade mayonnaise (recipe here)
3 hard boiled and cooled eggs
1 cup boiled and cooled green peas
1 small carrot (grated)
2 chunks of dil/mozzarella (about 100 gr)
3 tblspns cubed cucumber pickles
1/4 tspn rock salt
Optional extras:
Thinly sliced white sweet onions
Black olives
Fresh parsley, mint and basil
Boiled cauliflower
Spices of preference
Prepare your mayo according to the recipe. Slice eggs and cheese and stir all ingredients together slowly with the mayonnaise with the help of a spoon. You can serve immediately.

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