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Grain free Wetburgers

I may not be able to consume grains but this fact, combined with the fact that I am such a foodie, gives such interesting results.
Wetburgers, one of the most famous Street foods of Turkey.


Sweet Potato & Meat Sautée


Sweet Potato & Meat Sautée
600 gr sweet potatoes
600 gr cubed meat (lamb/beef/turkey/chicken)
1 tspn ground turmeric
2-3 garlic cloves
Chopped spinach leaves for topping
Olive oil for sautéing


Flourless Yogurt & Meatball Soup

The traditional Yogurt soup is always made with flour as thickening agent.
Those who haven’t tried will now ask themselves whether you can make this soup without any flour, well you can. I admit, this is not a thick soup, but it also is not watery.