Healthy Chocolate Pudding

When Bade wanted that chocolate pudding she saw on TV, it did not made me sad – I only saw it as an opportunity. “Of course sweetheart” I said with a smile “but those you see on TV are very filthy and and unhealthy. I will make you a healthy one.” I think the pudding I made for my mischievous little goat must be the healthiest of all puddings. It does not contain flour, refined sugar, starch or any additive. Its also suitable for children with egg and cow milk allergies. I do not own this recipe and I don’t know who does, but thank goodness they thought about it. You are now facing the best alternative that can replace any ready to eat store pudding. Hold on tight!
– 1 + 1/2 bananas (large)
– 1 medium avocado
– shredded coconut for decoration
– 1 tblspn honey/molasses (optional)
Blend them all, decorate, cool in the fridge and serve! This recipe makes 2 big bowls – 4-5 very small bowls of pudding. Its carb rate is much lower than instant pudding made with milk. For example I give Bade 1 very small bowl and its enough for her.

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