Homemade Peanut Butter

If your kid is a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic, you hope and wait for a miraculous recovery – whether you like or not. It’s called the process of denial. Even tough i am aware of it, i cannot help myself. This is why i have made a revolutionary change in my daughter’s diet. Wheat and starch are now strictly forbidden. You may ask what am i cooking, and this is what this blog is about. You may ask whether it works: it seems so for the moment. Our honeymoon period still continues. And i am tearig myself apart to keep it going.

From now on I am against all packaged and processed food as a principle. Low carb and low glycemic index foods like peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, nuts are welcome in our home. Especially for my daughter who loves a snack! This is why i have searched all the internet to make my own peanut butter recipe. Result : amazing!

Soak 2,5 cups of of unsalted peanuts, remove the peel. Then add 2-3 tblspn molasses, 3 tblspn of water and 2 tblspn of olive oil to the mixture. Mix them all with a blender and definitely keep it in a fridge and consume as soon as possible! This peanut butter would probably go all maggoty unlike its friends with additives and conservatives in the market unless you eat it asap.


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