Isabella Grapes Sorbet

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Those matchmaking shows are driving me crazy. They should all be banned.
“A woman should be like this or that…etc etc.”
The common sentence of men seeing their women as property, not as thinking, feeling beings! No Sir! If you have built a family with her, you should love her as she is. Not if she behaves according to your standards.
Being a woman is not a costume we wear every day. This is why I have always hated people telling me what to do. I always did the opposite. Always did whatever makes me happy. I never regret it.
Housework bores me to death, for example. I must do it because I want to and with pleasure, not because someone expects me to do it. I should watch a movie or series while doing it, or listen to music. Otherwise it will feel like a total waste of time.
If I am going to cook, I should cook to make the people I love happy, not because it’s my duty.
A woman should be like this or that…etc etc.
Because if you are happy with the woman you love and if you really love her, you would never notice an empty plate or an unmade bed.
I am very, very lucky you are not like them.

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Speaking of being lucky, it’s such a luck to have an enormous amount of Isabella grapes at home. You just cannot finish them by eating. With some, I made my husband’s favourite, grape juice. Recipe is simple. Just juice and strain them.
With some, I made two big jars of grape vinegar. Its recipe is the same as the classical vinegar recipe:
Take a wide glass jar and place grapes inside. Add 1/3 of water on top of the amount of grapes you have. Pulse if you like, but it will do without pulsing. You might wanna add one tablespoon vinegar and honey each to quicken the yeasting. It’s up to you. After that cover the jar with a cheesecloth and wait for it to turn into vinegar. Might take around a month or two.
I am wondering how mine will turn up!
Whatever, let us pass on to the recipe, the sorbet. Those wonderful smelling Isabella grapes…I had to do something with them. All of a sudden I thought about making the sorbet I was longing to make for a while. This will be my last ice cream recipe until summer. You can try it if you have grapes at home, but I should warn you, pitting them takes a long time.
Isabella Grape Sorbet
2 cups Isabella grapes (pitted)
1 tblspn honey (or more)
½ cup drinking water or sweet red wine
Put all ingredients in a deep bowl, pulse with a hand blender for two minutes. Place in the freezer. Keep pulsing every half an hour until desired consistency. Or place in your ice cream machine and follow instructions. You can serve with clotted cream.

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