Refined Sugar-free Caramel Sauce

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I had a very full, entertaining weekend. As I am especially fond of gothic books and movies, I’ve been awaiting “Crimson Peak” movie for a long time. The movie was as I expected it to be: the ghosts, the gothic scenery, decor and clothing made me smile all through the movie. And on Sunday my husband and I watched the latest Terminator movie, since we are a big fan of the series. It was fun, but did not give that same feeling and taste of the first two movies.
Right now I am beneath the blankets, trying to get better, as I am recovering from a mild flu. The recipe below is from my upcoming book. It may sound weird but I captured nearly that same taste of caramel without having to burn sugar. It may be used to give a different taste and decorate flourless birthday cake or cookies, tarts and cakes.
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3 tblspns clotted milk (coconut cream or goat milk cream if you are intolerant)
1,5 tblspns grape molasses
Pour cream and molasses in a saucepan and heat until clotted cream melts, in very low heat. Remove. Mix both well until the color turns to caramel. You will have to reheat slightly and mix again if kept in the refrigerator because cream tends to solidify. Enjoy!

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