Rice&Bulghur free Stuffed Round Zucchinis

Rice, which is especially popular among Celiacs is considered gluten-free but most rice actually contain traces of gluten. Bulghur, on the other hand, has a lower glycemic index than rice and white flour and thus is considered healthy and is even suggested to diabetes patients. In fact it is far from being healthy because it contains high amounts of gluten and is either hybrid or genetically modified. Both rice and bulgur, have very high glycemic loads.
This recipe belongs to my mother. Because in our culture, mommies always make the best dolma. There is even an expression for it, Mommy Dolma, emphasizing how dear it is. We were thinking about it together and considering what can replace rice and bulghur but then my mom said. “There’s no need to put anything else.” And she was right! Just like when she told me there was no need to put breadcrumbs inside meatballs.
Stuffed zucchinis, one of the most traditional Turkish meals is my favourite Turkish meal of all times. Whenever summer comes and those small, round zucchinis appear I beg my mom to make me. This time I am relieved to find a healthier version that I can offer to Bade safely. Once you try, you will see. Once you taste, you will not believe. You will realize you have consumed rice and bulghur for nothing all this time…


10 small round zucchinis
250 gr ground beef meat
2 medium sized white onions(finely chopped)
1 medium pink tomato (finely chopped)
2 tblspns tomato paste
2 tblspns olive oil
1/2 tspn rock salt
2 tspn dried mint leaves
2 cups of hot, boiled water
Peel, salt and gouge out carefully the inside of the zucchinis, leaving the shell intact. Blend ground meat, salt, mint leaves, olive oil and tomatoes and knead very well. Fill the mixture inside the zucchinis. Cover the stuffed zucchinis with some zucchini stuffing or tomato peel. Place the zucchinis on a large pan, melt the tomato paste in hot water. Pour it carefully inside the pan from the side. Cook in low heat until the zucchinis are soft. Serve with homemade yogurt. Enjoy.

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