Coconut Flour Making




As you know, coconut is one of my most used ingredients. Blood sugar friendly, with lots of fiber, a low carb rate and a great taste it has become a big favourite in our house. Unfortunately we do not have ready made coconut flour sold i stores in Turkey so we have to make our own. I get a lot of questions how, so this post has become a must.

You can crack open and grate coconut fruit, dry in your oven and eventually end up with flour but this way is very much exhausting. This is why desiccated, unsweetened coconut will do for you.

Another thing you will need is a very strong food processor or coffee grinder with sharp knives. I use a coffee grinder.

Next step is to place any amount of desiccated coconut in your processor/coffee grinder and pulse until all turn to flour. If you pulse too much you will end up with a delicious coconut butter, so be careful. If you have casein intolerance coconut butter is an excellent replacement for the clotted cream I frequently use in my recipes.

Coconut flour tends to absorb a lot of liquid but will turn crumbly and dry if used on its own alone. This is why its best friends, nut and seed flours sould accompany it most of the time.


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