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New Year’s Cake

2015 has been a good year. It was “the” year my dreams came true. If I was to be asked last December how much my life would change, I would have never guessed.
Now I check out at my earliest posts and cannot help but smile.

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Flourless Chestnut Freezer Cake

Chestnut has such a special taste. It is so very much loved in our house that once my husband and I had a fight over the candied chestnuts he brought from Bursa. This is why I could not resist when I saw the amazing chestnut cake on dear Kitchen Art-ist blog. I simply wished to create a [...]


Peachy Pistachio Tart

I am tired, because I’ve spent the entire night fighting off the mosquitoes, resistant to insect killers and determined to attack my daughter. Then, some time close to dawn, both Bade and I fell asleep.


Flour&Sugar Free Apple Pie

Today I have tried another flour and sugar free recipe for Bade : Apple Pie! When my mother tasted it she asked me : “Are you sure there is no sugar inside ?” This recipe definitely replaced the traditional one in our kitchen.