Grain free Healthy Turkish Baklava


The city of Gaziantep, the home of the best baklava in the world comes to our minds, whenever Baklava is mentioned. I even remember checking flights for a daily Gaziantep trip, for the sole purpose of eating that special baklava. But today Gaziantep brings to minds the news of a terrible terrorist attack.

Is there any other country surrounded with so many enemies and this much hatred ? I cannot help but hope for better days to come during these days of extreme pain and loss.

Making a healhified version of our national dessert thus coincided with such terrible events. Thanks to my husband who came home with a box of baklava during the weekend and gobbled it all up unabashedly. Usually I don’t like desserts made with sherbet but I simply drooled over those baklavas, and thankfully this version is very light, easy and delicious.



Healthy Grain free Turkish Baklava

Prep Time: 20 min

Serves: 8-10 pcs


1 cup (80 gr) pistachio meal or 4/5 cup shelled pistachios

10-12 medium dates (120 gr)


1-Wash the dates, remove the pits.

2-Place pistachios and pitted dates in your food processor. Blend at high speed until a thick dough forms.

3-Wet your hands and place the dough ion a parchment paper. Shape like a long cylinder, refrigerate for 1 hour. Remove, slice and serve.


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